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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A Fast Easy Way of Printing a Document

For today's Tech Tuesday, we will talk about how to print a document the fast way! This is one of the shortest and easiest computer tips and tricks I will be sharing here. 

As most of you may know, there are many different ways of printing a document. One fast and easy way is if you put a shortcut to the printer in your desktop. (To do that, just click Start button, Settings, then Printers, make sure you installed your printer driver first,and when the Printers window opens, hold down Ctrl and drag the printer icon to your system desktop, or just simply do a right click and click on Shortcut.)

Once you have that Printer Icon in your desktop, you can just drag any document you want to print towards it and drop it and it will let you print that document without opening the file.

Now you can print that document fast and easy!

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