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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crowd Control Measures

Have you ever organized an event which requires you to do some crowd control? And I mean not just yelling and asking people to stay calm and orderly. =)

Well I was into even organizing many years ago and I'd say one cannot just underestimate the need to facilitate traffic, impose security and do crowd control. I was very young then and had to seek help from experts in my explaining to me measures for crowd control.
Crowd control requires some planning, expertise and some products which will help in assisting the crowd. Depending on the type of crowd, crowd control may vary from a simple putting up of barricades to setting up stanchions. On top of that, one may need additional manpower to make sure everything is being followed accordingly. 

Barricades can be of different forms. For instance, the government here imposes no jay walking and they use those orange traffic cones to make sure nobody crosses the street nor no cars making illegal U-turns. There are also fence barricades which I have used when I had outdoor concerts. But the best one I've tried so far are stanchions as these let me use retractable belts and or ropes. In almost all of my formal events, especially the indoor, I have used this one. I am happy with the fact that it lets me choose the color of the ropes and do some prints on it. That allowed me to customized it according to the theme of my events. I have used it in bridal fairs, product launch and other political events with some VIP guests.

So if you are to organize your own event, grand or personal, you may want to consider this aspect more than anything. Nothing ruins a nicely organized event than a chaotic crowd.

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