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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

This new year is all about BIG things happening, and this is quite true for Mariposa. As most of you know we always celebrate Chinese New Year, and I did share our moments for the past years now, remember 2008 and 2009? So the past days had me, the IT Guy and the entire family busy preparing for the big day. 

Last week I already did my advance visit to the Taoist Temple and we should go back there tomorrow. My decision to leave work earlier and stay at home first before starting the new job just made this new year the best so far. I'd say the best because for this particular one I'm able to spend more time at the kitchen and was able to plan everything out. Woot!

The house was more than ready for it as IT Guy did some of the you can see  here --

We also prepared some money in red envelopes for the traditional monetary gift. In Mandarin we call these red envelopes Hóng Bāo, and Lai See in Cantonese. We do this not only on new years by the way, but also on other special occasions such as birthdays and weddings.

Here we hanged some of in one of the small tree in the garden --



Here is a closer look!

We also prepared some food for dinner and of course the traditional new year delicacies --

I did my favorite beef caldereta. I made it a little more spicy than the usual to help welcome the year of the metal tiger. I also made sure there are enough veggies on it for health and longevity. The IT Guy did the spaghetti. As most of you know, noodles are for long life and the nephew love it! The rest are the usual, spring rolls, sweet and sour fish, lechon kawali and other desserts. One things unusual here as you may have noticed is the whole chicken, and it is really WHOLE, as you can see, it still have its feet  and head. Yes, we have this every new year too so symbolize completeness. Got this particular tradition years ago when I visited mainland China.

For the other usual delicacy, we have the traditional tikoy, macy, huatki, chibiko and of course, my favorite fortune cookies!


We also prepared some candies and chocolates!

And of course some dried sweet plum, jelly candies, dried pineapple and sweet potato candies! 
All those, and some other which I feel no need to be mentioned is more than enough to make the table so crowded! 
I also have to mention that IT Guy took care of the fireworks part (he always does anyway) and this year is just AMAZING! I did not take any video as I wanted to enjoy it and just really watch and enjoy. He told me he found a new supplier and we plan to have another firework display soon! Maybe on the nephew's birthday. 

So here are some snapshots of the celebration we had last night --




Once again, Gong Xi Fa Cai to all of you! That is how we greet in Mandarin, and while we say it differently in Cantonese, Gong Hey Fat Choy, just for everybody's info, they're both written the same. =)

 Congratulations and Be Prosperous!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Gong Hey Fat Choy :) And Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family :)

Hootin Anni said...

This is just the most interesting post I've read today!! I learned so much. And your decor and food celebration is wonderful!!!

My husband was born in the year of the Tiger. Does that mean his year will be prosperous and happy? I hope so.

Happy New Year to you dear Mariposa

Happy Valentine's Day to you too!!!

I just KNOW your day will be filled with love and laughter.

Thanks for visiting with me yesterday. I got really busy and didn't get a chance to visit with you!!

{{{Valentine's Hugs}}}

Anonymous said...

Looking good!
put me on the monetary and food gift list!