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Friday, January 08, 2010

Understanding Insurance

This morning before leaving the office I was talking to a friend over the phone. He is a very good friend of mine and one I keep in touch once in a while. He is based in LA and will be spending his vacation here few months from now.

Anyway, we don't really get to talk to that often, but when we do, we talk really long. And given that we just get into different topics about work, chess, shoes and life in general.Let me tell you, if there is one person who made me pause and take a look at patterns of my spending and my savings, it's him. So most of the times we talk about investments and just how I could protect myself in the future and all that. Today we get to talk about insurance.

Most of the people here do not believe in insurance. That is kind of sad because if you really come to think of it the government here can't just take care of its people. I personally believe in insurance and in fact, right now, I'm paying for several policies. Some friends frown at that but I don't care. I feel safer that way and I find it as another means of savings. But then, interestingly most people do not go for it because they do not understand what it is really about, how it works and just how it will benefit them.

I found a very good source information about insurance and I encourage everyone especially those who are not quite familiar with how it works to read it. :)

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