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Monday, January 18, 2010

Mariposa Trivia

...just another about me meme from Sunday Stealing!

It's kind of late for me to do another Sunday meme but oh well, I find this meme simply irresistible! LOL

Here goes --


Do you get regular massages?

Hell yes! Every weekend in fact...I just can't live without it.

Do you have an answering machine?

We used to have one...but not anymore. We have caller ID anyway to track callers so we can ring them back! My cellphone though has a voicemail.

What cuss word do you use the most?

Cr@p...Sh!t and well the F word.

Are you underweight or overweight?

I am underweight according to my doctor. I struggle to make sure I don't fall below 100 lbs!

Can you see your veins?

Yes, there are some!



The one I'm loving now is specially made by my Derma. I call it the Pink soap. LOL


I LOVE them all! But let me just mention watermelon!

Kind of red meat? Steak

Fish? Sashimi. Yup, I love them raw!

Candy bar?

Anything will do, I'm not really fond of candies and sweets.

Have You Ever…

Eaten a whole bag of potato chips? I tried and failed.

Eaten lobster? Yes!

Climbed a mountain? Many times!

Been skydiving? Once and I will not do it again!

Been water skiing? Nope. 

Do You…

Wish you could change something about your life? This is a qualified yes.

Like your nose? I not crazy about it. LOL

Like salt and vinegar chips? Sometimes.

Eat salsa? Always.

Own a boat? Nope.

What Is…

A small thing that people let slide but that actually has dire consequences?

I'd say our financial forgotten bills! Also I'd like to add our little daily obligations to people w care, like that promise to call, to join dinner and go to movies. Those things mean so much to me and an aggregate failure would eventually create monumental consequences.

Your most macho trait?

I don't know, I'm very girly and sweet, but oh well, I can punch and kick like most guys. :)

The longest relationship you’ve ever had?

The one I have with myself, my parents, my brother and then with the IT Guy!

Your most embarrassing thoughts?

The thought that nothing embarrasses me anymore.

Your most shameful moment?

I have to think hard. I can't think of anything right now...I guess it's moments like this, when my mind goes blank!



Depends! In a hurry to go somewhere means just a shower but at the end of the day I always need a meaningful bath. Btw, most people here would get confuse with this one as for the most, they're the same!

Markers/Crayons? Both.

Pens/Pencils? Pens.

Jelly/Cream Cheese? Strawberry Jam!

Bagel/Toast? Toast of course.


My greatest weakness is…jewelry...and shoes!

I wish I was…myself many years ago!

Three things I wouldn’t do for a million dollars are…rob, hurt people and kill someone.

The oddest thing I’ve ever put in my mouth is...

Oh my gawd, next question please! ROFL


Credit card you had?

HSBC Red Mastercard. I still have it with me.

Loan you got was for?

I never really had some real ones.

Paycheck was for how much?

I was working as early as 17 and it was quite alot for that time, I guess it was about $200. That was even higher than what most people earn here in a month.

Time you had stitches?

I got it January last year when I had that accident which cut my was awful.

Time you went to the hospital for something?

Just for a checkup, I have them regularly.


List everything you ate in the last 24 hours?

Ha, well I had some fish, rice, pork steak, eggs, banana cake, Coke, iced tea, milk, yogurt, apples, water!

Last thing you used a credit card for?

We had some meds delivered to us for the cousin, I used it for those.

What was your job previous to the one you have now?

I was a process improvement manager in a call center.

Last thing you celebrated?

Sinulog 2010!

Last time you were at a sports bar?
Must be weeks ago with the IT Guy.

Wow, I did not expect it to be that long! But's done. I will be back with Fun Monday later. 

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful answers my friend. Have a great week ahead :)