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Monday, January 18, 2010

Hands Off

It's a Monday and I'm not so alive to start my week. My throat is kind of dry and my entire body is aching...and this is already way better compared to yesterday's. I had a massage last night and it made me feel better but that not enough to make me start my week.

But well, it's Fun Monday so here goes!

Lil Mouse is hosting this week and this week's topic is about chores. She wants to know what our least favorite chore!

Well this is easy, what about I am indifferent to all of them? Ha!

The IT Guy always tell me I can't survive living on my own as I don't do or help with the chores at home. Well, Mom raised me up well and taught me how to perform most of the household chores from doing the laundry, ironing the clothes, cleaning the house, cooking, washing the dishes and all that but she never made me obligated to do them. She's always that made me princess! LOL

Anyway, there are things that I love to do and they are cooking, taking care of the interior design of the house and gardening. I do clean sometimes, but my allergies to dust makes me try to run away from that chore. I also can't stand cleaning the toilet as I hate those liquids that we use to clean. If you get me exposed to those, I'll be sneezing for the entire day!

But I love to stay in the kitchen. I love to cook and I love to bake. The thing is I never liked washing the dishes. I just don't like wetting my hands at all. I prefer to use alcogel for my hands than to wash them. And no, they're not dry I just don't like the idea of wetting them all the time and exposing them to waters for a long time. And I have a lot of reasons - they don't do any good to my nails (yes you can laugh!), they make the life span of my nail polish too short and it makes my skin peel off!

So Mariposa has to wear gloves every time she's in the sink washing something like this one!

There...I was facing one of my dreaded chore...armed with gloves! LOL I will do anything so as just my hands don't get wet!

I will visit every one later...I need to rest, I can't miss work today as the boss is coming. (((SIGH)))

I wish you all a great week ahead!


Jill said...

That's so funny, I never wear nail polish because it chips off when I do dishes! I hope you start to feeling better, and get a nice cleaning woman who will take care of all your needs! Thanks for playing!

Molly said...

I hope that you are feeling better now. I used to hate doing the dishes. I am glad that wearing the gloves works for you. When I wear gloves for some task, I end up removing them; thereby, defeating the whole purpose of the gloves.

Sayre said...

I've had nasty bronchitis-y cold for over two weeks and am only now starting to feel better! I hope yours doesn't last that long!

Perhaps you should change your identity from butterfly to kitty cat! I rather enjoy washing dishes when there are just a few, but to my mind, that's why God invented dishwashers!

min said...

Take care of yourself!!
I never wear gloves.
(I never do dishes)

Pamela said...

I ripped a hole in my right glove yesterday so I need to get a new pair.
My fingers crack and peel, too.

When I DO clean - I do a very good job. It is just hard to get me motivated.

grace said...

I love cooking too! I don't mind doing dishes and we have a dishwasher, so that helps, but we both hate emptying the dishwasher

Alice Audrey said...

I let my own kids turn into a prince and princess, and now I regret it. I should have made them obligated.

I have an award for you.

Living Life said...

Thanks Mariposa. I hope you have a good rest of the week and that you feel better soon.

I am "trying" to get my kids to do some of the household chores and I admit that sometimes it is "easier" to do them myself, but I am trying to raise them up right and they are starting to get it!

Janis said...

I can't wear gloves to work in...except when I do gardening. I gave up a long time ago to have nice nails. When I was a sister n I had to take turns doing the dinner dishes every night and I hated it sooooo much. Having a dishwasher is a lifesaver for me. Get some rest and hope your feeling better soon. I am hosting next week so come on over and sign up on wed.