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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Tales

Everything today will be about happy tales! Yes, what a better way to do Tuesday's Tales than by starting with an unexpected award?!

Alice Audrey of Alice's Restaurant just shared her Happy 101 Award with Mariposa! WOOT!

Recipient of this award is to list 10 things that makes them happy and pass it to 10 wonderful people who makes them happy!

So today I will be sharing some happy are 10 simple things that draws a smile in my face and make my heart beat to the tune of happiness.

1. Getting unexpected Blog Awards like this one! I used to get a lot before and I am so happy to start getting one again!

2. Getting nice comments from my readers! It's always nice to hear from readers you know. With all the busyness in life, it just feels good to know that friends stop by and say hello.

3. Spending time with myself and the sunset (sunrise)! I just love them and can't have enough of them!

4. Spending time in the kitchen whether I'm cooking or baking gives me some sense of satisfaction. This is something I just discovered recently though and this is something I can't imagine I'd love doing years back. Every time I am in the kitchen, I just tend to forget all my worries and happy thoughts occupies me...and so far everything I've done in the kitchen has been a huge success! Some people order cakes and pastries from me now. WOOT!

5. Blogging makes me happy! I love to write...about anything and nothing. Sometimes work and health issues get in the way but to find time to make here is such a joy for me. I feel like there is a missing part of me everytime I don't get to blog and read blogs. (Addicted to blogging, ha!)

6. Surprise calls from friends! This would make my heart jumped. It just feels good to be remembered by friends you know and to reconnect with each other is something I just love to do. 

7. Coffee makes me happy. Having a cup of coffee with the IT Guy or other friends a bonus. I don't mind if they don't drink just feels so good having good companies at times, and I mean the coffee and the friend. When I don't feel good, I drink coffee. When I am happy, I celebrate with coffee. When I am hopeful, I share it with coffee. Life for me just begins after coffee! 

8. Travel makes me happy. I don't care if it's just a long drive or whatever. To get out of the city and go somewhere is just something I always look forward to. I guess my life at work is just too stressful that I need to see some place else to be with my real self. And speaking of travel, I'm going to Grandma's farm this weekend...and I am so excited!

9. Home improvement projects make me happy to no end! I will never run out of energy thinking of ways to improve the house and the garden. I can do as detailed as mixing the paint myself to make sure I get that unique Mariposa touch. I also shop to no end stuff we can use for the house. I am a home buddy...and I feel I have to make my home presentable not just for friends but to myself. 

10. When the IT Guy gets to support whatever I am doing without my explaining to him to no end. When he get to appreciate everything that I do without me convincing him. When he readily give some words of appreciation. And when he tells me he cares and love me....specially in moments when I needed to hear them.

Okay...that's it! I figured there are still alot of other things that makes me happy but well, I can put that list up another time. When people ask me what are the things that makes me happy I used to think hard, but anymore. I figured I just have to look at a child and see how he's doing it. A candy bar is enough for him to scream joy. Happiness doesn't have to be grand. And if you think the same way, I'm sharing this Happy 101 Award with you.

Sending you all happy thoughts,

1 comment:

Alice Audrey said...

Wow, I'm impressed by #4. I'm glad I was able to make you happy. :)