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Monday, December 28, 2009

Managing Bad Credit

Anyone ever applied for an auto loan? I guess most of us. But have you ever been denied due to a bad credit standing? This does not just happen to car loans, this even happen to credit card applications, right? Well anyway, this is awful. At some point people need into credit because all they can afford is financing but then they can’t because they have bad credit standing. And most of the time we need to put things into financing to manage our finances. Huh, another chicken and egg situation.

I don’t know how I got into this conversation with the IT Guy. Maybe we were discussing about the economy and how bad it has been to most people. Then he told me something about people with bad credit standing still being able to get loan application approval. I was like, really? Then he said yes. All they need to do is just declare their financial standing and apply for bad credit loan. I never knew such a thing exist but then, I went ahead and check it online.

Bingo! I saw one offering bad credit auto loans. And while most people might shy away from this due to fear for a very high interest, I believe it’s just a matter of financial planning. One just need to know how much he or she can afford in a given time. Anyway just my morning thought, you might want to check it yourselves!

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