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Friday, October 30, 2009

You Can Still Be a Dad!

I will be sharing today my thoughts on reproductive health. Yes, it's a Friday and I'm so into this topic that the IT Guy is mocking me this early morning.

Anyway, I have friends, male friends for that matter who got themselves snipped several years ago. Now, they're married again and sad to say, having children seems hopeless for them...or at least that how most people would think of. But well, a friend told me that there is now a thing called vasectomy reversal.

That is good news! Really good news, specially that the last article I've read stated that about 6% of men who has undergone vasectomy would eventually want to restore back their fertility. So what is this vasectomy reversal and just effective is this?

First, let me discuss very briefly the process of vasectomy. It is a surgical procedure that blocks the vas deferens, preventing the sperm from flowing to the prostate. This obstruction is usually done by removing a very small segment of the vase deferens and placing small metal clip (or suture) on the end of the vas.

Now, the reversal of this procedure involves another surgical procedure that re-approximates the cut ends of vas deferens to restore the flow of the sperm from the testicle to the prostate and this can be done in two ways: a vasovasostomy or vasoepididymostomy.  To have this procedure accomplished by an expert micro surgeon also adds to its success rate among other factors such health, length of time since the vasectomy was done and others. For the details of vasectomy reversal I encourage you to visit that site to learn more about it.

What I am so excited about is the fact that there is hope for couples who wants to have children and that it can be done safely without risking the life of the man...and looks like its success rates are trending up! Another God's little miracles.

Ace, this post is for you! ;) 


broca's area said...

hmm...indeed good news..thanks:)

Jill said...

that's interesting, I knew it could be done, but didn't know much about it. A lot of people just think women should go and have a hysterectomy if they're done have kids, or have their tubes tied, but that is MAJOR MAJOR surgery, whereas the little snip snip might hurt for a day or 2, it's an outpatient procedure, and although no one has said anything, i wonder if there is still a way to artificially gather the little swimmers if the guy doesn't want to do an un-do? eggs are drawn out all the time, and that requires weeks and weeks of shots and testing blood and etc Also with a hyst. you're looking at hormone therapy for, what, 30 plus years, usually? Hey are you hosting fun monday, and if so what's the topic?