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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Love Nikon!

It's a bit late, I know but well I'm still up. I'm shopping for a camera, I mean a real one. After losing my beloved Nikon and being bitter about for months, I am so ready to move on and get myself a new one!

And I don't mean just any camera, it's Nikon or nothing for me.

This morning IT Guy for no apparent reason just ask me if I don't have any plan of getting a new camera. And I was like...well I told you, either I get a Nikon or nothing at all, then he said -- then get a Nikon, shop around and tell me how much. I was in an awe. Did he just volunteered to pay?! Sweet heavens! LOL

So I've searched...and I found some camera stores in nyc with great deals! They offer both Nikon point and shoot and SLR cameras. I fell in love with the Nikon S710, a point and shoot digicam. IT Guy would love it...for himself. ;) I would go for an SLR obviously and well, since I won't be the one paying for it, etiquette tells me look for the one which reasonably never mind if what I had was more powerful then, I can settle for a D90. 

Let me call my friend now if she doesn't mind receiving the items in my behalf so I could get the free shipment offer.

I am so happy!

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