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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Found A File Manager

I just spend about an hour digging my file archives. Apparently, my folder structure is not structured at all!

Anyway...since this topic seems to get into my skin, I might as well talk about for Tech Tuesday.

One of my diseases is my paranoia of losing files...important or not so important, if I have it, I shouldn't lose it. So you can imagine me having virtual backups for most of my files. Though this is a good practice, the downside of it is every time I can't find a specific file, I go and download them...thus I end up having duplicate if not multiple files. Sound familiar? I'm sure most of us gets to have duplicate files...and they just sit there eat space while we keep upgrading our hardisk. Amazing, ha!

Well IT Guy gave me some utility software which can do folder structure analysis and help you do file management. Sweet!

You can run that utility and it can help you see your folder duplicate or multiple files...sort and filter data and what have you. More than anything, it can remove clone files! So you get an instant file manager as well.

You may want to check the link to get other program utilities (aside from clone remover) such as disk cleaner and file sync. Trust me, it will make life easy!

Happy Tech Tuesday everyone!

1 comment:

Swampy said...

Do what ? I have virtual files ? Please stop cornfoosing me more than I already am.