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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Get That Vacation Now!

Have you been planning on going for a vacation and keep putting it to a halt? Do you need some time to unwind? Any plans of going to Asia, or do you feel just like going somewhere...only if budget allows you to?

Well...Accor Hotels 3-Day Super Sale Asia Pacific just gives you a reason to go! And why not? It offers one million hotel rooms at amazing rate across Asia Pacific. And you need to hurry because this is a 3-Day Sale promo only which will end on October 30, 2009. Yes, you read it right, book them now and you can stay at the hotel of your choice between the period of December 2009 up to April of 2010.

Accor is a major global group and a in hotels and it operates in nearly 100 countries with 150,000 employees thus it give you a long list of hotels to choose from. And if you take advantage of their 3 Day Sale promo, you may get a hotel room for as low as $30. Sweet!

So get that vacation you deserve and book now!


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