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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dressing Up My Bathroom

I have this strong urge of dressing up my bathroom! often do you change your bathtubs? I understand not that often, but then I just feel that when I do a house makeover, I just don't limit myself with the paint and furniture, I love to include some fixtures too.

For the past days I've been shopping around for bathtubs, and I what I found are
walk in bathtubs! Have you seen those? Oh my...I think this is just what I need to inspire me to go back to my old regimen...and that is spending hours of relaxing bubble bath on a Saturday evening.

If the kitchen needs to be the cleanest part of the room...I'd say my bathroom is just the most luxurious and pampered place here...that is just how I am. No more holiday gifts for me this December...I'm getting it in advance. LOL

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