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Friday, September 25, 2009

Self Catering Holidays!

Early this week I got into a conversation with an office mate about traveling and we talked about our travel experiences. How different they are! For one, I was envious at the fact that he was able to maneuver his way into it and was able to travel at a very affordable price and still get to enjoy the travel experience. I, on the other hand did enjoy so much of the comfort that I feel I did not really left home and thus missed so many place and other fun and exciting experiences that I could have had only in places away from home!

Anyway, he mentioned to me that next time I go to Europe, specifically UK I need not stay at the hotel, especially if I am traveling with a companion or friends. So where will I stay you might ask. Well, have you ever heard of holiday cottages? Well he told these are very good options...very affordable and it gives you the freedom and privacy you need and still get to enjoy the travel. I really kind of like the whole idea specially if I will be traveling with the IT Guy. First of all he can cook and it just nice to feel like you are both living in that place during that it would feel like (in my opinion and this is the romantic and crazy side of me! LOL) we were able to "live together in UK" for example for a week or so. Ha!

To tell you all with my recent plan of getting married next year all I have with the IT Guy is just that, a plan. So I took the liberty of suggesting to him where to go for our honeymoon and told him about this concept of self catering holiday as I feel it is very fitting for a honeymoon. We are both excited about this idea that we did check for places already. We found a site which offers a good list of holiday cottages and in fact they have Cornwall cottages in their directory! What's with Cornwall? Well it's one of the places that IT Guy wants to go...and it's a nice place to visit, I'm sure!

Now that I have added some details to our plan...and that we now figured out what to do and where to go for the honeymoon, let me go back to the wedding details! LOL

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