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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Photo Holiday Cards

I just did a post about sending holiday cards and well as the days pass, ideas keep coming in and it's just getting better and more exciting!

Remember I mentioned about the thrill of sending customized holiday cards to friends and families specially for the ones who are really far from us? Well...what could be cooler than sending them photo holiday cards!

I think sending some photos as holiday cards will just add to the thrill and excitement of getting something get to touch it...feel it! Perfect!

So today I am going for sure to spend more time in my archives looking for photos with friends...families to have my photo holiday cards ready soon. What I'm doing is making a list of people whom I want to send these holiday cards and brainstorm what photo I want to send them. Once I have everything organized I can have them printed. Hopefully all would be sent out by last week of November to beat the holiday rush. Or it would be funny getting a thank you message from a friend for a Christmas card on a February with a P.S. of "happy valentine's". Ha!

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