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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Bohol Escapade 2009

It's Tuesday...and it's time to tell tales!

Last weekend I went to Bohol and was touring the island with the IT Guy and some of his office mates. IT Guy went ahead since they have business meeting with one of the municipalities in Bohol...I went there Saturday morning with Mom just in time to join the group's tour and spent the weekend with my Grandma.

Our first stop was at Sagbayan Peak!

Next stop was at the famous Chocolate Hills!

Then we visited a Butterfly Garden...the butterflies were so happy to see their Princess Mariposa! LOL

After the butterfly garden we passed by the man-made forest at Bilar!

Then we dared cross the famous hanging bridge!

I never had any fear of heights...but my worry then was I might drop my fave red wallet! LOL

The hanging made us so hungry...good thing our next stop was at the beautiful Loboc River!

We cruised Loboc River and had lunch at their floating restaurants...

After lunch we took a glimpse of the world's smallest monkey, the tarsier! I also saw a flying lemor for the first time!

I'd be honest, I did not enjoy this part of the trip. It pains me to see these creatures not in their natural habitat. I couldn't care less if I don't get to see them live as long as they're living within the comfort of their real habitat.

I was so ready to move to our next stop, the oldest church in the country...the Baclayon church.

There were still other short stops but I was still nursing myself back to health then that I opted to just stay at the van...I was not too eager to see the python...I'm sure it looks sad because it misses its home.

It's was fun...and it was nice to see almost the entire island of Bohol again! My final destination was the the farm of my Grandparents...I'd say there I found peace and was able to recharge and I went back to Cebu feeling way better!

That's it for my Tuesday's Tales...I invite everyone once again to play along...just drop me a comment so I can link you up!


Anonymous said...

What a great Adventrue Princess Mariposa :) Love it :)

Anonymous said...

That looks like a good time.
Nice legs, you should wear shorts more often.