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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Deb Management

To be honest I never paid much attention to my finances until lately. And I have to be honest it is only recently that I get to know the concept of Debt Management Plan.

I feel blessed to have a good job which lets me buy the things I need and want...yet I cannot say that I am debt free. I have credit cards and I have other obligations...but I'm not in financial trouble...and I don't want to get there! But fact remains that most people at this time are having challenges with managing their payable and not that it's their choice and how they want things to be. Who would want to be dealing with debts?!

Lately I've been looking around and bumped into this site which offers Debt Management Plan. What this organization does is they help you manage your payable and make it doable for you by first of all help you negotiate with your creditors in lowering your monthly payment and repayment. I believe this is a good start if you are looking for some help in managing your debts. In my experience banks and other credit companies would harass people and force them to make immediate payments. Usually they get a law firm to collect and these collecting agencies most of the time are not open for financial restructuring making it more difficult for people to pay.

I think one of the benefits of getting a third party help you manage your debts is the fact that once you entered into an agreement with them and they started to negotiate on your behalf, you're able to establish already the will to pay. The will to pay hopefully will stop your creditors from taking actions against you. Add to that the fact that this organization for example, can actually make a payment plan that will according to what you can afford.

I am so glad I get to know these things this early. It is always best to know what options we have.

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