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Friday, July 10, 2009

Satellite TV Options

Back to my hotel now...I decided to leave the center early as I really need to catch up with some things.

Anyway...since I missed Tech Tuesday let me just do a quick mention on the topic here. The IT guy has been wanting to get a satellite TV. Now I have no idea how these things work and what's the difference between a directtv and a dishnetwork so I asked the help of Mr. Google. Looks like I found a source discussing Directv vs. Dish.

So how does Satalite TV Systems work? For one they say it offers you greater programming choices than digital cable TV. Now if offers me a free system, including free professional installation then I am for it. Otherwise I still have to think about it and read more about it.

Can you imagine me being away from my place and getting a call so early in the morning from the IT Guy for questions like this? Well in fairness to him it's a follow-up call but still then...or maybe he just misses me and too stubborn to admit that he has to make this an excuse to make a call. Ha!

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