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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Remote Access To Computers

This week I'm going to share with you information about remote access. Remote access can have several can range from simple remote desktop, remote terminal or any type of remote application including but not limited to remote browser.

In its simplest form it's allowing you to access your computer from another location. Or allowing somebody else from another location to access your computer.

I find this technology really amazing and more than the fact that it let me work and get connected to my computer from home and vice versa (or just anywhere where I have computer and Internet access), what I really appreciate about this is that it let me help friends with their computer issues even when I'm miles away from them. When a step by step instruction is just too much and I feel the need to click it for them! LOL

I have a friend (a very good friend of mine!) from LA and once in a while I remotely access his computer to install applications, download music...etc. What made our lives easy is LogMeIn. This site offers both premium and free account. Just create an account and do the necessary installation and you're all set. You just need your computer name to login. Now if you opt for a free account which I do you may not enjoy all the features such as the capability to transfer files. Well I have solved that problem already as I have discovered DropBox. This site lets you sync and backup your files online for free! So I can upload my files there and then from there download it to my pc (or any computer I'm remotely accessing). Wonderful!

I have only used personally those two and so far they all work fine with me. But then another friend of mine this morning told me that Ultra VNC is also another option for one to remotely access his/her computer. This is another remote control software for free and you may also want to try it yourself and compare which one works best for you!

I'm trying to make this post very short and as easy to understand as I could...and well if I failed, please don't hesitate to drop your queries in the comment box. I'm just too sleepy to think of a creative way to present this to you...

So no more phone calls asking a house member to open your computer for them to send you that important file. Your computer is just a click away!


Anonymous said...

Great info yet again. I use them all when I need to.

broca's area said...

greek and latin to me!!;)