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Friday, July 24, 2009

Cosmetic Dentistry something I never ever thought I'd be thinking about.

As most of you have seen, I always seem to smile in all of my photos and while I have the sweetest most sincere smile...there are just times I wish they look better. Yes I just happen not to have the most beautiful teeth in the world. Thanks to my Japanese Grandma who never believed in braces. And add to that my stubbornness in believing her and not my low tolerance for discomfort. I can stand pain...never discomfort!

For years I'm my teeth never caused me any insecurities, thank goodness! Yet, there are times and it's happening lately that I wish my teeth looks better...they're not the ugliest but certainly they can look better. The IT Guy and my friends kept telling me it's never too late to fix it...and so lately I've been doing some research on what options I have.

I saw some interesting online information on cosmetic dentistry. Wow I never considered (or it never occurred to me to even think about it) it as something "cosmetic" before...but since it is focused on the aesthetic part, I guess it is just right to categorize it under cosmetics at some point. So I did learn a lot. I learned about dental veneers and porcelain veneers and what they and what it can do. Veneers can correct misalignment, forms or misshapen teeth, spaced teeth, chipped and crooked teeth and even teeth discoloration! And more than anything, no braces, so no pain and no discomfort (not much I guess!) because there are no shots and no drilling. A quick and easy way to fix your teeth and get that smile if you come to think of it. It even says they’re reversible, so nothing to lose…and a beautiful smile to gain.

So...I think I'm going for this cosmetic dentistry! WooHoo! LOL

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