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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tech Tuesday

I saw something online which I couldn't resist posting here...I just enjoyed it so much and hopefully you get to learn something from it while laughing at it!

Though I try not to make several post in one day, I feel it doesn't I might as well go ahead.

Also, just a thought came to me today...I guess every Tuesday I will be doing two activities/memes, Tuesday's Tales which is just below this post...and something like this post for Tech Tuesday. I cannot promise to do both always, yet I will do at least one every Tuesday.

Tech Tuesday will about anything related to technology...moreso on information technology, specifics on computing and internet. I can also talk about gadgets, but will really try to make the topics helpful to fellow bloggers.

I welcome guest writes, especially those who are technical writers who wants to share something to my crowd. For fellow bloggers, if you have some questions which are technical in nature and you think might be a good topic to discuss here, you may email them to me before the weekend so I can prepare a post for it comes Tuesday. If issues are too technical, I can get help from the IT Guy or ask help from my network. ;)

For today's entry...I'd like to post this word tip from WorldStart.

Q: What does it mean to "boot" your computer?

A: Booting a computer is a simple procedure that's preformed when it acts up. Let's say it's the 20th time in an hour that Windows has locked up. You simply lift the computer up at about chest-high level and drop kick it. It doesn't always fix the problem, but it does tend to make you feel a little better.

The term originated from the old west cowboys. Their computers (running Win 1870) would often cause them no end of grief and would be riddled with thousands of triangular dents produced from the tips of those boots they wore.

JUST KIDDING - sorry, couldn't resist.

When you start (or re-start) your computer, that's called "booting". If you want to get all technical, when you power on your computer, it's a "cold boot". Restarting it is a "warm boot".

Tossing it out the window is just giving it "da boot".

This article is republished with written permission from the WorldStart.


IT Guy said...

Had a good laugh there! Although I do remember one instance a long long time ago (my college days) when we were doing hardware projects in the laboratory when someone did kick the computer and slapped it and then it worked fine afterwards. I think sometimes it does work, although impatience and technology are never a good combination... LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing and adding humor. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to give mine the boot after adding vista to it. Now with windows 7 it's pretty good. Much better as a matter of fact.

sbwrites said...

Very funny!

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

That. Is. Hysterical!!

My husband, an avid Apple lover and Microsoft hater, is gonna LOVE it. And it SO goes with the "new" cowboy term "Vista" which is the cause for many modern kick marks on PCs.