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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sunday Evening Mutterings

It's 10 PM and I'm still for the IT Guy to text me or call me that his home...he is out getting a massage. I opted to stay home because I was at the salon for 6 hours and that was just too much for me. So I'm skipping massage this weekend. LOL

So while waiting for his call let me do my
Unconscious Mutterings!

  1. Divorce :: something I don't want to go through.

  2. Napkin :: Table napkin?

  3. Camera :: A good travel companion!

  4. Leather :: Shoes

  5. Fractures :: Ouch!

  6. Flip out :: I sometimes do. LOL

  7. Coroner :: Forensics

  8. Atomic :: Bomb!

  9. Liz :: My friend.

  10. Leave :: Of Absence?

Happy Sunday to all!


Anonymous said...

LovLiovee number 6

broca's area said...

6 hrs??!..seriously wht were u doing there for so long??...

Jen said...

How was your week off? Do you start tomorrow?

Anaka said...

6 hours at the salon! Sounds very relaxing!

sbwrites said...

Since I imagine you getting a massage every weekend and am truly jealous, I'm so sorry to hear you missed it this weekend! But, I hope that I'll vicariously hear about next weekend's massage.

When I was 24, I went to Istanbul and had the best massage ever! (Did I already tell you this?)