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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Shopping Portal

Just got home from work...and my first day at work ROCKS!

I'll talk more about my work later but for now...let me tell you how amazing Internet is! Not that it's something you don't know yet. ;)

Everything is just accessible with a click! And well information is power they say and the more access to information you have the more more powerful you feel. Ahem!

My friends and my staff at work eversince always quote me with my famous line -- GOOGLE is a friend! That is referrring to one's initiative in finding information. Then we have Wikipedia...just read it and wow you can talk about a thing like an expert. Not that I'm advocating it as a pure source of information...but you know general knowledge on things will not do harm.

And now there's ShopWiki! WOOT! An amazing venue that allows us to search almost anything and carries a comprehensive list shopping sites. Easy access to stocks and prices...allowing buyers better options. You can even find information on things you want to buy for your small pets, dog care and even for birds!

Definitely I've found my shopping portal...

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