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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Elementary Years...

It's that time of the week again! Another tale to share...and this time I'm looking many many years back...during my elementary years!

I studied in a public elementary school. read it right. I did...and I am proud of it. I'd rather not talk how I ended up in a public school a week after the start of classes, let us just say what caused it is something I always refer to as serendipity!

Most people would always question capability of public schools as most of the time students their don't learn as much as students from the private schools. However it was not just true for my case. I had very good teachers and I was exposed to so many different activities, academic wise and even extra-curricular activities. Those things I'd say help me shaped the person I am today.

I wish I had let the IT Guy scanned more photos...but anyway here are few snapshots of my young life!

Yes...that's me in the middle with the braided hair. I've had long hair since I can remember. I was nine here and this was during our Intramural's Opening Day! Orange was the third grade's color then...

Mariposa in her pom poms!

I am always active with field demonstration and other related activities! I did have my share in wearing the Philippine national costume...and I have danced our national dance. I also did Japan's! I have not photos to share...but feel free to imagine me! LOL

Another fun activity I was so active into then was scouting. How I LOVE it! I was patrol leader...platoon leader...and what have you. I was awarded as The Best Girl Scout for Region 7. I have joined jamborees within the country and in Asia. So I basically know first aid, knot tying, setting up my tent and camp. And lots of scouting songs...

This photo says it's take on Oct. of 1991, so I was about 11 years old here. The note at the back say commanding I guess we were getting ready for the flag ceremony here. It must be in the morning since my eyes looked tired! LOL

Mariposa is a girl scout.

While I was busy as a bee in my extra-curricular activities I did not neglect my academics at all! I was representing the school in almost all contests it joined. I was into Math Olympiad...Science Quiz Bee...and etc. I also did 2 investigatory projects for our Science fair which got us several awards! I think it's fair for me to say that somehow I did bring honor to my school...I've brought them home several trophies and medals. I did it because I have wonderful parents and teachers.

I was a transferee when I was in grade one thought I moved in a week after the classes started. It was not an easy for me though. I finished the school year wondering how come I did not get any award when I knew I did well. I know my Mom did complain...but it was over for me.

The opening of the next school year was something I was looking forward to. I told myself I'm going to get every award there is at the end of the year. And I did. ALL of it. And it has been like that for next years that came...

I graduated as the class valedictorian...and got a scholarship! Below is my Mom and the guy from the Scholarship Foundation. My parents were taking their turns in climbing up the stage because I had several medals then...I was not able to scan a photo with my Dad.

I delivered my very fist speech in front of over a thousand people at the age of 12. It was my valedictory address. Though I can't recall the exact words in my speech I have them in my heart and I live by it everyday.

Mariposa giving her Valedictory address.

Good grades just as other things in life are something you have to achieve, not something that is free to receive.

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Anonymous said...

Wow here it is only Monday Morning and your Tuesday Tale is up. Thank you international date line LOL. Great story. You were a very busy youngster I tell ya. Congrats on being valedictorian. Excellent tale :) Mine will be up at 12:01 tuesday morning HST

Anonymous said...

Crap sorry I put the Mr. Linky in again.LOL

Anonymous said...

What an amazing story, you are an inspiration for all women to do well.Congrats you worked hard and earned every honor.