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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ice Breaker...

It's 4:20 AM here and I just had my most needed break today!

Ever tried that feeling of being to overwhelmed and preoccupied with something you just need to run away from it? Or at least exhaust yourself to not feel anything about it anymore? I just feel that way today. (I promise to talk more about it when I'm ready.)

Anyway evertyime I feel like this I just take a walk outside the office. We are located in a nice IT Park and it is safe for us to scale the block.

Today I just opted to sit at the coffee shop and just stroll online. I did the right thing as I came across a multiplayer billiards site. What a joy! I used to play billiard when I was in college and playing it online is just as exciting since the site allows multiplayer games. The site is easy to access, convenient to navigate and the speed is just fine. And I was able to play...with international players.

So yes, it was an ice breaker!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If I was good at online games that would be a blast to play. But I can't even get a race car around a track LOL Glad it helped you :)