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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Look What I Got This Morning!

My tripod just turn green...not for molds but for envy!

One of the things that is so sweet about my bf is he loves to get me little something as a present for no reason other than, I remember so and so and thought this will be handy for you. Yes, while I end up buying things which I don't' really need, he always get me useful things.

when we were on our way to jog in the car...he grabbed something from the backseat and told me he has a little something for me!

IT Guy just got me something for my camera...something more handy than the traditional tripod...not just I am tossing my tripod away...just that this amazing camera extender seems to make things easy for us!

Every time IT Guy and I go for a walk...and would love to take the memory with us in our camera we always end up cramming up and him extending his arms to take that photo! Though it captures our faces...after several tries it often miss to capture the good scenery behind us. Add to that the fact that we're not into asking strangers to take photos of us... ;)'s the camera extender. At first I was like...what is this?! Then with a little demo...I end up laughing so hard amazed at the ingenuity of the one who invented this.

Anyway...did a quick research and found the source! For something less than $30...this is a great find already. You may want to try it! It is really amazing. I'm not so good with details so I'll leave it to you to find what features you find more helpful...just CLICK below.



Anonymous said...

Looks like something good for picture taking for sure!

Anonymous said...

Cool gift. IT Guy is a good guy. Don't ever loose him :) Aloha

broca's area said...

so nice of him!!:)