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Friday, May 15, 2009

When The Going Gets Tough

...the A/C Fail!

Have you experienced this?! I bet it was ugly...

I think the worst time to have an A/C problem is when you are on the road on a summer time! It does not really matter if you are on a long drive out of town or just within the city on your way to work or worst to a job interview! Can you just imagine yourself reaching your destination drained and in sweat?!

My stand there is better be safe than be pissed on the road! So what I learned from people...ahem...prudent drivers I mean, regardless of status and age is to make sure you do a regular check on your's engine...A/C...electrical and what have you!

Most of the time the IT Guy and I drives a car that runs on diesel. Diesel here is subsidized by the government is way cheaper than gasoline. IT Guy told me that there lots of diesel turbocharger around and are that people now has more options and can better their car maintenance.

And since we are talking about A/C...and what really prompted me to make this post is IT Guy mentioning to me about getting some A/C compressor and other stuff. Now I don't know exactly how to make these things work but I sure know I don't want to be stuck on the road with a failed A/C.

You may want to check A/C compressors online and other diesel fuel pumps and turbocharger and you can find how cheap they can go and how easy to buy! For me they serve as my benchmark for pricing and available features as they are not available here yet.

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