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Thursday, May 07, 2009

TV Shows...

It's the menace that everyone loves to hate
but can't seem to live without.
~Paddy Chayevsky

I have to admit, I am not a fan of TV Shows...not for anything but because of work hours...for years now I have been on a night shift and getting sleep in the day time affect my relationship with the TV, ha! There were times I used to watch a lot and will keep up with them and arrange my schedule to make sure I get to watch my favorite shows...those were the days of Ally McBeal...and MacGyver. LOL

Lately is just a matter of if I have the time, then I watch...but the IT Guy loves the TV! So that leaves me watching shows with him when we are together and I don't have work. I have to admit, there are just TV shows which are quite interesting and we enjoy watching together...topping our list are CSI and Ghost Whisperer.

CSI well...this is my kind of show! If you have been here for some time you would know that with my love for Bond movies...and Tom Clancy books it won't be a surprise that I love CSI. I just love how I get to learn some things in every episode...and how I get to confirm some stuff which I already knew...have read...heard about! So you can imagine how I discuss with IT Guy the legalities on how information should be gathered to make them admissible to court making sure there are no rights violated, etc, etc! While he on the other hand explains to me technology and gadgets involved! We get to focused at some point that we have to google after at some point to know more...LOL This show is one show which I enjoy because it let me think and think more!

Another interesting show which I get to watch and knew through the IT Guy is Ghost Whisperer. He told me I should watch it because the theme is something he thinks would interest me. Very true! It got me hooked! LOL Though I will say it just all a fantasy show for me as I have my own faith and belief on things, still it is something I get to enjoy. It entertains a part of me without boring me because it also make me think and think more! ;) is always about how it preoccupies my mind in moments I watch them...and the more they let me think, the more I find them entertaining!

So...what about you...what TV shows do you watch? Or should I say, do you watch TV after all?! ;)

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Anonymous said...

I am addicted to TV...and I have plenty of favorites. Go to my other blog and you shall see the shows I watch LOL. Thank goodness for DVR's LOL Aloha

sbwrites said...

I'm not a big fan of TV either. We watch a lot of films on HBO and rent DVDs. Still, my favorite TV shows are The Closer, and Damages. I love Glenn Close and Kyra Sedgwick. Also, I like The Mentalist and House.