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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sleep Typing?!

Today I left work a bit earlier than usual. I wanted to go to bed I did. But just an hour ago I got up with a terrible headache. I guess I'm going to have colds or something because it rained here the past days and I was out in the rain a few times.

So I sit here wondering what to do since I just had lunch and it's seems near to impossible for me to get back to sleep...then I heard a beep, my cellphone. It's the IT Guy with his message --

Hon...remember you were looking for a one stop shop for mobile gadgets, I found a good one for you -- MobileFun.

Mobile Fun is a site which hold a wide range of products...everything about mobile, from the gadgets to its accessory.

So I browse on their mobile phones and check for iphones! Ha! Behold...there are all the things I needed...I've been looking for...all types of iphone charger, iphone cases and more importantly iphone accessories. WOOT!

This got my adrenaline moving...IT Guy got himself a Nokia N85 and he keeps telling me to get myself an iPhone. I was not really for it as I'm not so particular with tech gadgets escpecially now that I have my Lenovo S10, yet the power of suggestion seems so powerful that I find myself wanting it as days passed.

IT Guy has been telling me to shop around so I can decide what to have exactly...and he means the extra stuff. I do not know much about iPhones so I could not tell him exactly yet what togt me. He seems to get tired waiting to give me this site. This site is awesome. A place to go for people who knows what they're looking for and certainly a good place to visit for those who do not know what they want yet. Like me!

So I'm going to choke myself to sleep now and in the morning I'm going to text the IT Guy what I want!

You may want to visit the site and check what they've got...good for loved ones and for yourself.

Let me try to get some sleep now...and I should stop blogging in between dreams. I think I am just sleeptyping (Is there such a word?)!

I so hope NOT...I want that iPhone! LOL


Anonymous said...

As an iPhone owner you wont be sorry my friend. But if it were me, I would wait. I understand they are suppose release a new iPhone soon. It will most likely be announced and/or released the end of June. Things to consider: The current 3G has no cut and paste and you cannot send picture messages via text. It's been something we have had to deal with for 2 years now. There is suppose to be a software update also released in June to fix these. Yippee!! You get use to it. I love my iPhone and wouldn't have anything else. I dunno if I would buy one write now with tthe impending release of the new phone. Of course all these new features will work on the 3G but I'm one that has to have the latest LOL Aloha

Mariposa said...

Oh, thanks so much Thom! I think I will do just that...after all, it will not be such a long wait from today. :)