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Friday, May 29, 2009

Philippine Scandal and Controversy

senate inquiry
on hayden-katrina case
a senate circus!

* * *

It never occured to me to make a post on this issue but what I saw on TV yesterday prompted me to do so...

For the past days, the Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili sex video scandal has been the talk of the town...and to some point in some parts of the world as well.

Brief Background

Hayden Kho, a doctor and Katrina Halili is an actress. Both were linked December of last year, causing the temporary break-up of Hayden and Dr. Vicki Belo, a renowned cosmetic and dermatologic surgeon and is the founder and co-owner of the famous Belo Medical Group. That temporary break-up also resulted to Hayden's attempted suicide.

This month the entire nation was schoked when a series of videos of Hayden and Katrina were released in the public. The first was a video of them both singing and dancing in sexy outfits. You may watch the said video here. That video was followed by another video exposing intimate moments of Katrina and Hayden...and more videos of sexual acts between Hayden and other women, one was with a Brazilian model and the other one was with Maricar Reyes. And rumors say there are still more!

Apparently these videos were taken without the consent of the women in the video!

Current Scenario...

The Senate is intervening on this issue...too seriously that they have to call all parties involved to a Senate hearing. Thank goodness only 3 Senators were present, Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada, and Madrigal. Both Estrada and Revilla voted to keep the inquiry open to the public, forcing Madrigal to accede.

I don't want to put into details anymore what happenedin the Senate hearing...all I'm certain is that, it turned the Senate into a circus! Very sad.

Now I'm thinking if these Senators have other more meaningful things to attend to. As I recall, just last week, I saw on TV farmers fired with water cannons outside outside of the House of the Representatives building. This is just one of the many important issues that this country is facing since time immemorial...and yet, none of the Senators took this concern seriously. Perhapd they were too busy with other more important dwelling on sex video scandals?! Pfft!

My take on this issue is that the people involved were mature enough to get themselves into this kind of trouble and I believe in their own personal capacity they can reached solution to it without the need of Senate's involvement.
I am a woman and I certainly do not agree and will forever frown at what Kho did to these ladies. Yet, I also belived that these women can fight for their rights and can seek justice any courts in the country. There is certainly no need for the Senate to be involved and waste their time on another showbiz scandal. After all this is not the first time this happens!

After all Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano himself, chair of the Senate Committee on Information and Mass Media, kept off the inquiry as he saw no urgency on this matter saying he would like to do justice to all victims of such nature by focusing more on the clear legislative aspects of the Hayden-Katrina affair...and added, But all these issues may be resolved without turning the Senate into a circus,”

There! He nailed it so well. Maybe it is time for them to examine and ammend laws on pornograhy and especially with the onset of internet as a convenient medium of distribution.

This is the first time that I blog about a local issue and I hope there will no more issues for me to rant about here.

To those who feel and sympathize for the victims, you can do something. Keep silent. Don't talk about it anymore. Let it die a natural death.

And ladies, be very careful! Beware of those cams!


Anonymous said...

Well obviously Hayden's suicide attempt has not stopped him from being an absolute pig. I don't see why the Senate got invovled. I mean it's not right to video people without their consent but I agree this is a matter for the courts. Thank you for sharing and you did an excellent job :)

Cathy said...

i agree--it's silly for the Senate to be involved in this! the US government does this stuff too

jabblog said...

Oh dear! Why make such a big issue out of a rather sordid little thing?