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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Please Let Me Rant!

I know I have been absent and now that I get hold of my blog...allow me to rant. I just find it deemed necessary to do so!

First off, my house has been without Internet for 8 days now! Can you imagine how I managed? Well, so far my site has just been experiencing some dehydration for the past days, not to mention how much I miss visiting you all!

If you recall I always have issues with my internet...since! What I cannot understand is how could they just give me their spiel every time I call that there is an ongoing system restoration?! Why can't they bother inform subscribers? Because these are random? Well...more than a week system restoration is just crazy don't you think?! So this is to call Globe's attention...please restore my service because I think what you are doing is denial of service! And it is so stupid for you to let me pay for my dial-up when the fact that I am on it is because you screwed up my DSL...and wait, your sucks...big time!

So I hope you finally get into your senses and do actually DO SOMETHING!

Now to my next rant...and this thing has been giving me headache...for real!

Last Friday, was Labor's the long weekend afforded me and the IT Guy a short vacation. If only IT Guy's mood was not interrupted by some meaningless call from one of the member of the city council. I know I run the risk of them reading this...but guess what, I couldn't care less!


One of the many functions of IT Guy's department is creating specification on IT related this may be in a form a need to purchase laptops. Apparently, the city government planned to buy judges laptops...24 units at that. Now the IT Guy did the usual specs...and did an estimated cost per unit based on the defined specs. The specs were not the best in class nor outdated...yet one member of the council dropped the bomb and said something like IT Guy's department overpricing the laptops. Overpricing by operational definition only exist after an overvalued item is purchased. In which case...there is no overpricing yet because it was simply an estimated cost to see if the budget can accommodate it. Now if they find it too much all they need to do it ask the IT department for a lower specs, right?

What they did instead was went to the media...and the media ended up calling IT Guy and after about 5 minutes with him on the phone...they were able to come up with a full blown article saying IT Guy claimed the budget was coming the the requesting party which was one of the councilor's office! Arrgh!

Things got ugly from there...first of all, IT Guy was only explaining the generic process withstanding that particular forward today...another paper issued an article with a heading about IT Guy's department when in fact the article was to cater an interview of a councilor? Speaking of journalism...I wonder what is their definition of it by now! Add to that an incident which a reporter just barged in to his a very confrontational and aggressive manner ending up giving threats. Wow! I wonder now if being in the media gives them a license to do those things...because coming from a private citizen, it appeared to me those actions not only out of order...simply an act of an uncivilized person.

IT Guy will be filing a written complaint against that person early morning tomorrow! As soon as he has done that, I will post a copy of that letter here...

So...that explains my headache!

On another note, I am happy to announce that I tendered my resignation from my current job last night...I have not given any commitment with any organization as of now, but I am evaluating offers! WOOT!

How's your week so far?! Not as bad as ours I hope!

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Anonymous said...

Great rant and congrats on the tendering of your resignation. WOOT. And it's hell to be without the internet. Happy Cinco De Mayo and Happy Boy's Day