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Friday, May 15, 2009

It's That Time of The Year

...when we renew our car registration!

One downside of having too many cars...or more than you need is when it's time to renew your car registration! That is on top of the regular maintenance expenses.

Right now the IT Guy alone has three...though it's convenient to have options sometimes the cost and time we need to do the registration renewal is just quite demanding.

To renew car registration here we need to do smog check or emission test, get car insurance, and make sure the car is free from any pending violations...and pay the registration renewal fee.

All cars we have go through routine check-up and regular overhauling so we have no problem with smog check. We have also no pending violations so we're good so far. We're just left with car insurance now. Usually we try to get a comprehensive coverage but as the car aged the premium we have to pay gets higher.

And because I always believe in information as power and in benchmarking, I found this online car insurance company. This site offers you quote online thus making you save time. I also check their online quotes and everything looks asks you important information and covers important things like towing and rental reimbursement, something that we usually get separately from our insurance. This car insurance service seems to cover it all and let you do a one stop shop.

You may want to check it out for your needs!

1 comment:

Life Scraps and Patches said...

I just got my car registration notice today. We don't have smog emission checks any more, I'm not sure why.