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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


...are what the eye fastens on and remembers!

IT Guy is out of town the whole week. He took an 8AM flight this morning and will be back Saturday morning. I am frowning a bit at this trip for several reasons. This morning he told me he will be asking something from me that will preoccupy for the rest of week. He is asking me to help him with his office make over.

Yes, you read it right -- OFFICE MAKEOVER! is not an easy task. But I have to admit, my heart jumped in anticipation...LOL

IT Guy's office is quite big for an office...considering he is the only one staying there. He can have a group meeting/ conference inside if he wants too! Yet he has a conference room too. My mind is racing as what I'll put on his I'd re-arrange the exiting fixtures and what other fixtures I need to add!

I wish I have a photo to show you on his existing office. But well, just say it is a mess. For my taste and is a mess. It needs a makeover indeed.

So the first thing I did this morning is go over the net to get ideas on what fixtures I can bring into his office...something classy...presentable yet practical. I get to this retail store fixtures and they just have an amazing collection of fixtures to choose from. Not only they're very good for stores which are newly opened or newly renovated...but their items can also be used in any business offices...up to home use. How cool is that?!

I saw this very chic nesting table.

This will be good on the far right side of his office...where the long couch's ecru so the colors will just blend.

Within his personal area (not sure yet if it will be at his side or back) he can also make use of some racks for literature displays.

I also saw a pretty wood flower cart! I have to admit the first time I saw it, I got selfish as I thought of my porch and my garden first. But I am thinking this will be a good fixture in his office I always believe a flower always gives any room more life! This I have to convince and I hope he trust my creative prowess.

I guess his office also needs some repainting...and I am so hoping we can do that this weekend. I am a sucker for makeover!

And to my friend who just booked a space at the mall...this is something for you to read and ponder on! Ha ha ha! There are just so many useful items you can grab from me!

By the way, I'm still not done with my home improvement project as I am still having a hard time deciding on what palette to use.

Have you done any makeover lately?


Anonymous said...

I have no talent for that kind of thing. I can't wait to see the finished product :) I like the tables.

Gattina said...

I did a make over 5 or 6 years ago. Now dominating colors are orange and red mixed with beige or eggshell.
BTW who is the next victim of Fun Monday ??