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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Today I Rejoice!

Happy Easter everyone!

I just got home from the is quite different from the past Easter. I was too busy to do any craft. Yet, never too busy to celebrate Easter!

For my family it is more than egg is about celebrating God's gift to us, His LOVE!

We always start Easter with a holy mass...then do interesting stuff with the family...have dinner with friends and relatives.

Today I went to the mall with Mom, IT Guy and my nephew Sean. Sean needed a new haircut...

So here we are at the parking area!

Me...Sean...and my Mom!

The we have to pass by Ballooney Shoppe...

And since Sean for whatever reason had a distaste with bears...Mariposa took her share instead!

Sean was hysterical during the entire haircut that we did not have the chance to take photos of we just toured the mall the instead!

This is going to my favorite coffee shope, Figaro! See those cute umbrellas, I love hanging out there with my good friend Pia. IT Guy and I watch Monday sunset there too!

Then we just have to make some stops to pose and to look down!

Yes, those are for Easter! Sean is just too small to join the other kids...but well, next year!

And this is The Terraces, the new extension of Ayala Center Mall...

The view is quite relaxing, especially on sunset...that's why I love it here!

We have no photos to share for our lunch though...IT Guy seems so hungry to take any more photos I gues...LOL

On the way home was fun...look at Sean (with Mom) without his polo shirt! LOL

And how bored I become...

And now for
my Easter Unconscious Mutterings!

  1. Animal :: Lion and the rest!

  2. Temporary :: Life

  3. Moan :: ...for pleasure and pain?!

  4. Rapid :: Fast...

  5. That’s for me to say :: ...for some to DO! *wink*

  6. City :: Cebu City!

  7. Bumper :: ...sticker!

  8. Eclipse :: Total Eclipse of the Heart...

  9. Problematic :: ...being one is a choice!

  10. If? :: ...something I try not to dwell too much.

IT Guy is making fun of me now...telling me how I rush to my PC too soon to blog...when my day is not done yet!

Hope you all have a great Sunday!!!



Nash said...

Happy easter!


Zoooma!! said...

It's fascinating to me that where you live is quite similar to parts of America. I had no idea and I'd definitely like to visit there someday.

Cool mutterings! Couple of the same answers!

Happy Easter to you! God Bless!!

Sugarmag said...

Happy Easter, Mariposa. Beautiful pictures.

Dave said...

heh, "total eclipse of the heart" seems very popular. I loved your answer to "moan" :)

Jen said...

Happy Easter! I love these posts when you share your life through pictures as well as words. What a beautiful spot. And poor little Sean had really had it, it looks like. He's so adorable, though.

I'm glad you enjoyed the day. My mother will come for Easter dinner later today - I just took a cake from the oven.

Liz Hinds said...

That is quite a haircut Sean has had!

Anonymous said...

excellent pics. pretty lil fella, and aunt too!

Hope your Easter was excellent.

broca's area said...

belated wishes!!

p.s-nice snaps:D....

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Easter...

Any leftovers still ?

lupusurvivor said...

nice mutterings! thanks for stopping by mutterings.

Keith said...

Mariposa, I hope your whol Easter was splendid! God bless you. The pictures are wonderful!

Whimsical Ranter said...

Looks to me you had a great Easter!

Wonderful pictures! But I expect nothing less from you!