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Friday, April 10, 2009

Confessions of Loving Heart

living forever
only to die in your arms
i love you that much!

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Sandra said...

Hello, just stopped by to see your Haiku Friday post. I just joined. You have some fantastic photographs on your blog. It must be very beautiful where you live.

Area 17 said...

Intensely beautiful. I think you should also consider looking at tanka (small Japanese love poems) which are five line poems, you have a skill with the deeply romantic.

all my best,
With Words Online Haiku Competition

Unknown said...

As succinct and expressive a Haiku as I have ever seen. Lovely.

Tink *~*~* said...

Hi Mariposa - I'm wishing you a peaceful holiday weekend.
Tink *~*~*
Not-so-hidden Mickey

Cathy said...

that's so beautiful!

Gayle said...

Your Haiku makes a powerful statement.

Maude Lynn said...

Very romantic!

Grey said...

Wish you a Very Happy Easter dear ! May the risen Lord bring good health and happyness to you.

Mel said...

Wow, that's unbelievably powerful. Very nice! BTW, thanks for reading mine and commenting!