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Monday, March 23, 2009

My Corporate Ruminations

If you are here for FUN Monday, please scroll down!

I rarely blog more than once in a day...but looks like I need to!

It's one of those days at work...

I am just overwhelmed with so many things right now...and how I want to smack somebody in the face...okay, maybe a kicking pad will do!

I really thought I was starting my week right!

And why not?!

My best friend, whom I have not seen for the past 3 years is here! And IT Guy shared my excitement that he opted to take a half day off from work...

IT Guy and I had lunch at Rai-Rai Japanese restaurant, then we met Pia after that...spent the entire afternoon chatting and had dinner...then I go to work.

Well I am at just one email I had to go through and it pi$$ed the hell out of me!

Apparently we have a potential client coming. The main office sent the presentation which they wanted us to use.

Wow...impressive...35 effing slides of bluffs and lies!

Typical of a sales you might say...

Well this is the part that is pi$$sing me off --

One of the highlight in the presentation is the management system which I created for the company...and they specifically brag the training course which I also made when I propose to train people and to have them align with it. So what is wrong with that you might ask. Well, it is wrong when they refused to make any comment on that training modules which I made like a year ago! Made it look like it was not important, not needed and there was no training! And now, they are making it as a selling point?! WTF!

Later, we will have a meeting with the main office and I will ask them exactly just what they mean by that specific slide...and how they wanted us to do the presentation...and hopefully they hang themselves with their answers as they always do!

I have colds...and I so want to go home on time but, some people just want to schedule meetings an hour after end of business hours...amazing!

So WHY?!

Okay...I'm done ranting.

Hope things get better tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

You get another chance at a good day tomorrow!
good luck!

broca's area said...

oh....typical corp fox!!!??...

hope u had fun with ur pal!!..


Momisodes said...

That is just awful! I am so sorry. It seems so unfair.
Hope things are better for you tomorrow. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

I hope everything went well in the meeting, and that you're feeling better today.