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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Weekend Randoms...

It's been raining here for 2 consecutive days...something which forced me to just stay at home, and since yesterday (yes, it's actually Sunday morning here!) I just stayed at home and watched DVDs.

So I'm trying this Saturday Survey concept for the first time. I've seen this around for awhile, and I've been wanting to do it but can't seem to figure it out how it's first I thought it's something like TMI Tuesday and Wednesday Weirdness but can't find one main source...and when I am about to give it up...I found some nice survey here.

So I am trying this out...and feel free to take the survey, it's just few questions anyway! LOL

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

How do I answer this...can I say ALOT?!
I by 2-3 pairs every month...okay, not all fancy...but they're shoes/sandals/etc! Now, if you say Martinez Valero and Manolo Blahnik and other signature brands...then we can narrow them from being ALOT to a bit many to count... ;)

Are there certain Christmas /holiday movies that you watch every year?

Yes! My favorite for Christmas is Miracle on 34th Street...for other holidays...IT Guy and I watched our favorites...StarWars...movies of James of Bond...Under World...etc!

What magazines do you subscribe to?

I used to...but not anymore. If I happen to pass by the bookstore and I see something nice, I grab it...else, I just google it! LOL we count product catalogs?! ROFL

What is your favorite way to relax on Fridays at the end of a tough week?

My week ends Saturday morning my time...Friday evening EST (US)...I somtimes head straight to the mall and just dine out there with IT some shopping (if there's anything I like and I can afford!). In the evening, I go to spa and get myself a massage...once a month I get a body scrub...and some weekends I have my nails done...most of the time, I do my own nails. I can do my french nails far better than the girls at the spa!!!

Have you had any snow days or late starts yet this year?

I live in the tropics...we have the sun all year round.

So there you go...

My Sunday Special will be posted maybe a little later!

Wish every one a fun Saturday night and a relaxing Sunday!


Jen said...

I love Miracle on 34th Street, too - especially the original version.

I'd love the spa... ah... bliss.

broca's area said...

really interesting...didnt know there were french nails;)...

storyteller said...

1. More than I care to admit
2. Miracle on 34th St and It’s a Wonderful Life
3. None … seriously!
4. Tough week? You’ve got to be kidding … I’m happily retired, remember? LOL
5. Nope … we’re still waiting for RAIN in Southern California.
Hugs and blessings,