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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Please Do Me

...A Favor

Ha! What have you been thinking??? LOL

I've been away from here, yes!

I am sick and I have been for days...make it a week!

My cough and fatigue is getting I'm going to the doctor now and will tell him to give me that Vit. B cocktail shot.

Why do I have to end up telling me doctors what I need...can they not figure it out themselves?!


Anyway...I did a haiku, and I am a guest writer in another royalty, please do me a favor and visit me at my Back to My Future post. And the host there, she is really a nice please send her some hugs from me. Yes, I mean The Princess!

I will be back later to tell you how's my check-up...hope it's nothing serious. Maybe not really...or why am I still alive right now?

Ok...time to hit the shower or I'll be late...

Please visit me and The Princess...okay?

Hugs and blessings to all of you!

My WW and WFW entry will follow later...

P.S. If I won't make it here later...that means, I was advised for admission and got no internet at the hospital.

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