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Saturday, September 06, 2008

My Virtual Pastimes!

a fan of poker
i am, because playing it
gives me joy and fun!

poker is fun, and
a game for everyone, just
deal cards one by one

go get the high hand
pair, two pair, three of a kind
royal flush is mine

sometimes, you can bluff
if your cards aren't good enough
just don't bet too much

poker is easy
only a day to learn, but a
lifetime to master

let's shuffle and deal
visit casino online
virtual play yet real!

* * *

So there folks! I've posted it! LOL

Some of you knows that I have several virtual is that text-based online game, Tribal Wars and the other one is casino online games, mostly poker!

I used to play poker a lot! Most of the time for fun and leisure...but since I started working on a night shift, I have not gone to the casino here for 2 years! Adding to that is when IT Guy got appointed to government office, that banned him from going there too...

But, there are no limits in possibilities so they I just do it online. ;) I don't have to dress up...don't have to get into the car...I can do it in the convenience of my home in my nigh dress... Yes, I go to online casinos and play there! So far, things do work for me...

Also, it is good for people who are still learning the art of the game...just do them in moderation and for fun! :p

Happy Friday everyone...

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Nancie said...

Just stopping by to let you know that I am thinking of you and praying for you :) Take care and have a blessed weekends!

broca's area said...

hmm..when i was in 12th used to play a lot of such a days not interested...happe weekend:)

Luka said...

I admire anyone who can master the art of the haiku, or indeed poker!

Well done!

storyteller said...

Wonderful Haiku! I posted Haiku on both blogs yesterday, but didn’t get the chance to visit much of anyone … so I’m catching up today. My sister in law loves poker like YOU do!
Hugs and blessings,

Momisodes said...

I love it!!! I've always wanted to learn how to play poker. I've heard it really challenges your mind :)

Wonderfully haiku'd!

Hanna said...

Hihi such a funny poem. It was great really. :) I find poker to be cool too.

the princess said...

nice! i have tried, but prefer to play friend *cheap* games with friends. i like the interaction, you know? fun passtime though. i don't even go online. my passion is spider solitaire. i try to beat it in less moves. i could play for hours. crazy,wha?