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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Missed A Call?


This always happens to me!

I most of the time miss a call...the worst part is, when we do have a clue who just called us? Do we just give a call back outright? Or do we wait for that number to call us back? After all, if it was too important, they would call us back, right?

BUT, what if it was something else?!

Do we just stare at the number rocking our heads trying to guess who tried to call us?

Guess no more! I found a website that allows us to check on a number and get some information about it. Yea right, stop trying to decipher which state and city and caller is from...just log on to
Reverse Phone Registry and you get the information you need to know about the number!

It really may want to try yourself! ;)


Anonymous said...

My theory is if they don't want to leave a voice mail it couldn't have been very important!

Jennybean said...

I'm kind of a phone bitch that way. If I am not expecting a call and my caller ID doesn't know who you are (or sometimes even if it does) I don't answer. Leave a message and if you are worth it I'll call you back.

They're my minutes and I'll use em how I want to!

But I always wonder when I get mystery texts...

Anonymous said...

But it sucks when it's a cell phone because it doesn't give a name on the reverse number registry.

ceedy said...

Kewl...thanks for sharing...

What did you mean by stealing my wanted to share it...go ahead and just give them the link to mine :)

thanks for liking it :)