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Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm Back!

without internet
for a week is horrific
saying it mildly
lousy ISP,
with CRAPtacular service,
is so much fun - NOT!

after a week of
ranting...yelling and begging
my internet's back!

and now that im back
i just dont know what to say
except, that i'm back!

For more Haiku, please visit A Mommy Story!


Saiyo said...

Missed you....welcome back. Hope you have a wonderful weekend with no internet outages.

Anonymous said...

oh how i hate bad internet service. nothing gets my panties in a bunch faster!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Fun haiku, but I would have been pretty upset, too.

Anonymous said...

I thought you'd been quiet. :)

The Laundress said...

Hate when that happens.

Jen said...

Welcome back!

storyteller said...

Sorry you’ve been w/o Internet service and happy you’re back. I wondered where you’ve been, and now I know. Have fun ‘catching up’ …
Hugs and blessings,

anymommy said...

Nothing drives me crazier than when my internet is down or slow! Glad to hear you're back on track.

Karen Coutu said...

Glad you're back!! A week without the internet would be torturous.

Jan said...



Nancie said...


So glad you are back. I am back too!

Thanks for your prayers and encouragements. Thank God for strengthening me. I am praying for you too. Take care and God bless!

Anonymous said...

Well welcome back you! The blogosphere just wasn't the same :)

Claudio said...

Happy to see you again Mariposa!
Welcome back!

Miguel e Juliana

sbwrites said...

Who else but you?
Would write such a funny haiku?

Glad you're back. It's amazing how isolated I feel when my Internet doesn't work. Glad you're back and that you're well.


Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba) said...

I'm both twitchy and glad for the break when we don't have Internet... welcome back (a bit late).

sbwrites said...

I think it's great you're back, and I'm sorry that your Internet fades in an out. What a drag! We always have the most to say when communication is difficult, don't we?