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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thirteen Things I'm Thankful

It's a beautiful Thursday! I have so many Things I'm Grateful For!

Today, I'm joining Thankful Thursday to give thanks and appreciate all the good things I have in life and most especially this week, I hope to manifest this appreciation by joining Thankful Thursday weekly. I used to do this every Monday with my list of Things I'm Grateful For as inspired by Solomon Broad, I'm bringing it back through this fun activity!

I have here 13 things that I'm grateful...ALL for the gift of friendships...and wonderful friends!

(1) I'm so grateful for all who joins Fun Monday! I've hosted it twice and it's always a success! Thanks a lot guys!

(2) I'm grateful for the new community I found here! Every clicks, every visit, every comments mean A LOT to me! To you who makes comments in times I don't expect anyone to be here...

To you who keeps numerous visits here when I'm too busy or to preoccupied to visit your site...thank you!

(3) I'm so thankful that I'm reunited with an old friend. We've known each other since high school and now we're spending time together again...and it just feels so good!

(4) Families will always be there for us...but to know that they're there and can be friends such a joy!

(5) It's nice to know that my boss can be a a friend.

(6) I will be forever grateful for all the good things SJI has done, is doing for me.

(7) To Red...I never thought my relationship with you can be this close. You are such a good friend....can't imagine life without you and SJI.

(8) Vince, thanks for your patience with me...thanks for always letting me use your matter how many time I scratch it! LOL

(9) Kat, thanks for bugging me always. You've caused me to send messages wrongly to people because you text me when I'm supposed to be sleeping...but I love you just the just you love me as I am.

(10) I'm thankful for the meeting new friends here through
WFW and Thankful Thursday!

(11) I'm thankful for finding
Living Room.

(12) KB, for all the for being there for me, thank you!

(13) Yum (aka IT Guy), thanks for the understanding and acceptance...thanks for everything!

Please che
ck Thankful Thursday
d together let us celebrate
all the things we should
be grateful for!

For other 13 wonderful things....please visit Thursday Thirteen!


Nancie said...


Welcome to Thankful Thursday! I am so glad you joined us.

I love your thankful post! It is really wonderful to be reminded of God's goodness to us and to share it with others. Thanks for sharing your thankful heart with us.

Have a blessed Thankful Thursday!

Dane Bramage said...

I love people who have the gratitude attitude. Counting your blessings is always a great Thursday Thirteen.

After a two week absence, I return with my Thursday Thirteen edition #79. It is another Mystery iPod Artist Contest.

Gattina said...

Thank you for your thankful list ! I feel included because I am just commenting here, lol !

Denise said...

Welcome to thankful thursday, so glad you joined us. I really enjoyed your thankful list, be blessed.

Anonymous said...

Thats a good 13 thankful Thursday entry. Take care always. May God be with you and your family.

i said...

Hi Mari, welcome to Thankful Thursday. Thank you for dropping by.

This is a lovely thankful list! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the visit and welcome to TT. may God bless you more. =D

Claudio said...

You deserve the Best Mariposa.
The love you give allways return to you, that´s why you are so special.

Kisses snd a big embrace
Miguel e Juliana

anthonynorth said...

There's always plenty to be thankful for. A good list.

Hanna said...

A great list. You remind us of how grateful we actually should be. There are so many good things out there in this world. :)

anno said...

This is beautiful -- thanks for your list, and all those wonderful links!

Hootin Anni said...

You did good by combining the two thursday memes. Excellent, as always Mariposa.

Mine's shared...C U THERE!!

Michelle said...

Great list of things to be thankful for. Thanks for visiting mine. Happy TT.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Thankful Thursday. your list is lovely! Thank you for sharing it.

storyteller said...

Gratitude posts are my favorite kind. I share them often … especially at Sacred Ruminations on Sundays, but occasionally at Small Reflections too. Combining T-13 and Thankful Thursday worked well today didn’t it? Thanks for visiting my ‘13 Circular Images’ today … and may your blessings continue forever!
Hugs and blessings,

maryt/theteach said...

Mariposa, I should take more time to be thankful for my friends and family! :D

Bobbie said...

Ah.... how wonderful and true! Friendship really is amazing... I am definitely on the same page today!

Anonymous said...

Thankful Thursday...what I great concept. I would like to try it.

Anonymous said...

I was at the video store last night and saw a Barbie movie called Mariposa. I thought of you!

MamaMia said...

What a great post! Friends really are great! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your Smiley Sat. post about the English language! It cracked me up!

Melissa said...

what a nice post! always glad to hear what people are thankful for

Storytellin' Mama said...

It's great to remember those in our lives who support and keep us going!

It is amazing the connection and community blogging can bring.

Thanks for stopping by my site!

Momisodes said...

What a wonderful idea for Thursday posts! I love this :)

I too just reunited with an old friend. I can certainly relate to being so thankful for that! Happy Thursday!

Melanie said...

What a fun way to combine the two! You do have a lot to be thankful for too. I'm also thankful you hosted Fun Monday again. I've loved your choices both times!!

Our Happy Happenings
Livin' With Me

Mary said...

Welcome to Thankful Thursday! Thanks for sharing. Friends are a gift from God! Blessings on your weekend.

bp said...

You have many friends to be thankful for! Have a blessed weekend. :)

Unknown said...

You have lots of great things to be thankful for!

Cheryl said...

Welcome to Thankful Thursday! It is such a good thing to have friends that care!! Great Post! Thanks - God Bless~

sbwrites said...

You are a delight to read--with your enthusiasm and zest for life! Glad you have so many things to feel grateful for; so do I! Isn't it grand?


Jen said...

Those are wonderful things to be thankful for, Mariposa!

Anonymous said...

That was an awesome list and I just smiled reading all the blessings in your life. Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

It's so good to count one's blessings, once in a while.