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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Care To Know...

...what I'm going through?!

"Mourn the losses because they're many, Celebrate the victory because they're few!"

I don't necessarily know who I am every day of the week. Today I am a person I don't know at all. I just feel a total CRAP today.

I have fever...colds...and my whole body aches! And I'm about to call my engagement off!

When it simply pours...damn how it pours a lot!

Ah, and I've tried writing this post three times.

To sum up: These feelings? They just don't go away.

P.S. What's the quote for? Nothing, just want it there at the top!


Anonymous said...

A big hug to you. Some days just suck, and I'm so sorry you're having one (or a few) of them.

Anonymous said...

"Mourn the losses because they're many, Celebrate the victory because they're few!"

Wow. I really needed to see that today.

Gabriel said...

I'm very -VERY- sorry to learn that you're having such a crappy day. I too send you a virtual hug.

Take some time to think about all that's crowding your head right now. And rest. Plenty.

And whatever you do, please don't deprive us of those gorgeous HNT posts! ;-)

Momisodes said...

So sorry sweetie. I do hope this bad day passes quickly and tomorrow presents a better day :( *hugs*

Hanna said...

Hugs and hugs. I hope you will get well soon!

Jen said...

Huge hugs! I hope you feel better. I'm sick today, too, and it's hard to not have a rotten attitude when your body feels rotten.

Grey said...

oye! Dont cancel your engagement !Hang in there.. instead of 'I do' say 'i chooo'

Greg and Sheryl said...

We're sorry that you're not feeling well. Get better soon!

Anonymous said...

"One day, one step, one thing at a time." "If you're not happy and happy with yourself, you won't be able to make anyone else truly happy."

Sai Hijara - Ferraris said...

abbersnail- thanks a lot!

Solomon- I just got back ti your site, I can see that you made so much changes there! I find that line beautiful too...

Gabriel- I'm trying to do just that, thanks a lot!

Sandy - I'm a bit better today...and last night I had a nice talk with a friend...things are a bit better now.

Jenny - Thanks so much! Btw, I love your playlist!

Jen - You get better too...I'm asking my Mom to do your recipe!

Grey - Now, that is a good one..."i choo" :)

Greg & Sheryl - Thanks guys!

Anon - thanks!

Nancie said...


I am so sorry to know that you are having such a hard time. I am praying for you. Hope you continue to get better.

Take care. May you have a restful and peaceful weekends.


BipolarLawyerCook said...