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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Where Were You?!

Gabriel of Live from Waterloo is starting a game called Where Were You!
Mechanics of the game is very simple, he gives us some date and we try to remember where we were that time and what were we doing on that same day!

1) When the Challenger exploded (28/Jan/1986):

I was only 7 yrs old then, so I presume around this time, if it was a weekend I was in school or at home playing or readng books!

2) When John Lennon was killed (08/Dec/1980):

I was only about 3 months and few days then, so maybe I was at my crib?! LOL

3) When Argentina won the FIFA World Cup (25/Jun/1978):

Ooopsss...too much time travel, I was born in 1979!

I love this nice to have some excuse to go back in time! If you want to play along, please click


Gabriel said...

Hey, thanks for playing, Mariposa!!! And thanks for spreading the word too... the game seems fun, let's see if I can come up with a new post every Tuesday! :-)

Gabriel said...

Oh, I forgot... So you're young... don't be a showoff! :-)))

thailandchani said...

The benchmarks for my generation were the death of John Kennedy and the assassination of MLK.

Before your time. :)

As for the things you mentioned, I have no clue where I was then. I recall them as news stories but don't attach them in any way to my own history.

Unknown said...

Uh, I imagine I was at home for all of them but I don't recall.

Jason said...

hey that sounds cool i will try to remember to do it next time

Paola Bianchi said...

Good to know we're about the same age

Gabriel, so sorry... you have young readers... LOL

Nancie said...

I can't remember much, signs of getting old :) And, wow, you are so young ;)

Gabriel said...

Paola, you go all the way from Argentina to Philippines to tell some guy in Canada that he's old???

Shame on you! :-)

Next week I will have a question about the 90's, another about the 80's and another one for us old farts.

Momisodes said...

What an interesting game post :) You are a few years younger than me! I think I would have been in the same boat in many of these situations.

Wholly Burble said...

Ah I remember all of those well. I was alive, functioning, and not all that young LOL. All of those events did affect me, and my world. I had parents that raised their kids to be "aware" of world events, so I actually do remember sometimes even particulars of the day special events occurred. Fun game.

And Mariposa, you sweetheart, thanks for stopping by my blog and sending me some ecouraging words. I've really been going through a rocky period lately, and blogging seemed a million miles away from my reality. But I gained real encouragement hearing from you during these past weeks--thank you for thinking of me!!! Hopefully I can get back to posting again.

paperback reader said...

I would be sooooo crappy at this game. All of my answers would be "Someplace!"