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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings - Week 266

There are some things that I've been wanting to blog about but the moment my fingers touches the keyboard, my mind turns into a blank. I'm guessing maybe because I'm not ready yet to discuss about it. Maybe because I'm not one of those people who easily quit on relationships. (I'm talking about friendship!) Maybe because despite all the pain that a friend have cause me I'm still clinging to that hope that things will be put to order. I'm not expecting things to be as they used to be...just hoping reality would knock in some people's head. That rather than misunderstanding one silly incident, friends would see all things in the a greater order....and remember ALL the good things you have done for that person...ALL the sacrifices...ALL the understanding.

Am I okay? Yes I am. I just feel sad to see people go into self-destruct by being so harsh to themselves to their surroundings.

Let me just have my Unconscious Mutterings!

  1. Homicide :: Failure

  2. Divisive :: People in the Government today!

  3. Flash :: Light

  4. Steaming ::Hot!

  5. Crunch :: stomach crunch!

  6. Look out! :: As I'm always told!

  7. Anticipating :: Being proactive

  8. Slim :: MacBook Air

  9. Navel :: Source of life...

  10. Help :: Something I'd rather give than being in need of...


Anonymous said...

your answer in #1 shows how affected are you with that "relationship" that you has posted.

I hope everything will be fine soon :)

cheer up!

Jen said...

It's hard when a friendship is faltering.

Anonymous said...

nagulat nga ako :) sabi ko aga mo namang magpost lol!! ok I'll add you too in my blogroll...sleeptight :)

Anonymous said...

Just popped in to say hello, again. Don't have the time to join in the 'fun' but will be back to make sure things are better.

therapydoc said...

I love that line about help.

Anonymous said...

It'll all get better it always does.
Most people it seems live a lifetime without reality ever knocks in their head.