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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

TMI Tuesday #124

I did the questions for TMI Tuesday...initially I plan to do it with a friend, and his suggestions just came in a bit late...the impulsive me already sent the list.

I hope I did not suck TMI T today with my questions! LOL

1. What can you consider as the greatest thing you've ever done for/ to yourself?

I decided to be more kind to myself and to forgive myself for all the things I sucked!

2. What/ Which part of your life you think you could have done better and why?

My professional career! I would have spent more time figurnig out what is it I really wanted to do. And I would have quit the JOB I have right now after within the first week!

3. Do you have that one person whom you consider to be the wind beneath your wings?

Persons actually...first would be my Mom, then Yummy and my two great friends, SJI and Red! They made me ask what good things I have done in my life to deserve them.

4. Tell us about your longest relationship.

I've always had long relationship, my first was about 4 years, and my current one right now...would be 5 years this May!

5. In a relationship, when do you get to that point of enough is enough?

I got this question from that movie The Mexican, it had made me think since then, especially everytime my personal relationship gets a bit rocky. In the movie the answer was NEVER, and all these years I'm telling myself that. Yet, we all know that is too idealistic. So I guess, what can make me leave is when there is already physical violence far there is none! ;)

Seriously, once you are sure that you have fallen out of love...that every moment with the person you started to loathe already, then I guess it is time to step out. It's no longer an issue on what is wrong with your partner or with the relationship, because it is already YOU/ ME who does not want it.

Bonus (as in optional):What is that one intimate moment with someone you miss so much and what are you willing to risk to have another moment of it. ;)

Honestly I have no idea what's in my mind when I was making this question, I'm guessing I was missing somebody that moment but not enough for me to swallow my pride and type to tell him that. With that said, I also don't think whatever I am missing with that person to be enough to risk everything I have right now. There was a time I thought I can, but then that person made me aware and thanks God!

Before you go, I would like to share something I stole from Jamie.
Mariposa, is this month's cover of Vogue!

Not only that...

Mariposa and the
IT Guy made it to the Top 10 Cute Couples!

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

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Sid said...

LOL! When I saw that pic on you on the cover of vogue I was like holy sh*t I know a real live model.

Also as to when enough is enough in a relationship ... for me it's usually when I begin to see a future with this person and all I see is disappointment.

Adam Apple said...

Great questions, and certainly worthy of a TMI.
I must check out that magazine cover site. I can think of a few magazines I would like to be on the cover of.

Vixen said...

#5, yep. That is what was the final straw for me and when I *knew* it was 0-V-E-R.


Ashly Star said...

You didn't suck with the TMI questions. ;) They were fine and required some thought. Good job on them and great job answering them too darlin! Happy TMI! =)

Sexy Duet said...

Loved the questions this week, great job! I liked your answer to #1, sometimes we are quicker to forgive others than we are ourselves.

The magazine covers are cool, I might check that site out.

Happy TMI!


h said...

Best questions in quite a while, I think. Loved your #3 answer. Happy TMI.

Jen said...

Deep, good questions and answers!

Biscuit said...

Mariposa, your questions were awesome! I spent WAY too much time pondering.

Hoochie Mama said...

Great answers and GREAT questions! You did good! :)

Happy TMI!

Ronald Burgundy said...

Very, very excellent questions. Thanks.

Bunny said...

Excellent questions and answers!!

You are indeed pretty enough to be on Vogue - that is very believable!

My daughter has been asking me to get her the Barbie Mariposa DVD. Everytime she says it, I think of you :-)

Happy TMI!

Momisodes said...

WOW! I love those magazine covers!

I can relate to the having fallen out of love and loathing every minute with been there.

I love your TMI Tuesdays!

LittlePea said...

:O) Great answers.

Helena said...

I just ran across that web spot yesterday where you could do that. Thats a great way to surprize some one, lol. Happt TMI!

Anonymous said...

Very cute pics.