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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

TMI Tuesday #123 (ATLLG Edition)

1. Which one turns you on more Ink or piercing? Why?

It really's more what with whom! See some looks good in ink some in pierce...

2. What ink do you have? If none, what would you get and and where?

I used to have a small bugs bunny in my leg...but Mom had it removed! That was years ago, I was still, there's not even a trace of it! LOL

3. What piercing do you have? If none, what would you get and and where?

Ear pierce? 1 in the left and 2 in the right

4. Any other adornments you like to do for your lover or have then do for you?

Doesn't really's more on how he carries himself!

5. Of all of the above is there anything that is an immediate Turn-Off?

A line of pierce in the face...I might mistaken him as somebody a tribe or from the carnival!

Bonus (as in optional): If money/work place rules/your life/whatever what ALL would you do to your body in the name of sexual or just general adornment?

Maintain a beautiful, radiant young looking skin! Ah, and I want to maintain my waistline! LOL

Check who else are sharing TMIs!


Vixen said...

HappyTMI :) I'm surprised by some of the tame piercings I've read, lol

Johanne said...

So agree with you on #1... and very impressed by your mom's authority... lolol..
You already have an extra piercing with the second on one ear... ;-))
Love your Bonus... very much!
Happy TMI!

Driftwood and Pumpkin said...

I have no ink and only my ears pierced. I wasn't even allowed to do that until I was 13. So, I get the authority thing with your mom!

Anonymous said...

TMI Tuesday is kinda fun! I have only pierced ears, but am seriously considering a nose piercing. I just think it's cool. I see women with nose piercings all the time, and I think, yeah. I like it. So, I think that's in my future. I also have one tattoo I've had for probably 13-14 years, and I am going to get another "set" probably before the end of the year. I say "set" because I'm going to get lines from a poem very significant to me, probably along my inner arms. It's a poem I think about every single day, so I want to read some of it every single day. If pain were no object, I'd probably get my nipples and my tongue pierced, purely for the hot factor.

Unknown said...

you got a tatoo without mommy's permission? Shame on you. :) Can't believe she removed it. :(