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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mr. Linky Tips

As promised here is a step by step procedure on how to add Mr. Linky into you site.

1. Go to and create your account. You need to enter there the site where you will put the linky.

2. Once you have created your account already, you would see that there are choices of menus at the top most of the page, click on wizard and your page should look similar to the one below (feel free to click on the photo to see a larger image!)

The first section allows you to choose where you will use the linky. For my blog I chose "Blogger new or upgraded".

The second part lets you choose the type of Linky you want to use, the one that you see in my my page is the second one.

Then it let you choose the type of Meme, Fun Monday is not listed there yet, so just go ahead skip that part. (Unless you are using the linky for something that is listed there, then you may choose.)

Then click on the Generate Code button.

3. Once you have generated your code, you have to add it to you site. Your code should look like this.

Take note that there two sets of code in the page. The first one, you need to add that to your header one time, the second one to that post where you want to have you linky. You may notice that within that page is a set of instructions too on how to add the code but I will show you the simple way...the way I did it.

4. Adding the code to your HEADER.

Log in to your blog account, so my case that is Once you are in your Dashboard, click the Layout of that site you registered at Linky.

Then click on the Edit HTML tab. It should look like this.

Just in case something goes wrong, please make sure you have backed up your SITE by clicking on Download Full Template. (That allows you to save your file into your PC.)

After save a separate file into your PC, under Edit HTML at the upper right part of the box containing your code, please check on that box that allow you to Expand Widget Templates.

Then, go to the set of codes slowly and look this code:

Then put the cursor after > of
to allow extra space, then you paste there the first code that you have from the Linky Page. (Remember that 2 codes we generated earlier?) To do that, you go to that white space in Linky, put the cursor in the first code, do a right click and choose select all to make sure all the codes are highlighted. Then make another right click and choose COPY. Then go back to that space you created after the code
then do another right click and choose PASTE. (Alternatively you can also use the CRTL ALL, CTRL C and CTRL V keys for select all, copy and paste functions.)

After that, your HTML code should appear like below;

Then try to see the preview to examine if your site looks usual. And if there is nothing wrong, hit Save Template.

You only do this once. After this a bit complicate process, you can add as many linkies to your post without going back to the step 4.

5. Adding the code to your post.

REmeber we generated 2 sets of codes from Linky right? And we have only used the first one? The second one is for you to add in your post. Usually you add that at the end part. So once you are done with your post, click on Edit HTML tab, go to the end part and just add that code. (Same select ALL, COPY and PASTE procedure we did in 4 applies.) And it should look like this:

This is for BLOGGER, the new version. For the classic version, same thing with, just go to Edit HTML. I'm not familiar with the other medium, THOUGH, Linky itself provides a lot of support and tutorials in their page.

I'm coming up with this one as an alternative since reading their instructions seemed scary and a bit more complicated than the actual. ;)

If you have more questions, please email me. I can also add the code myself if you wish...

Hope to see many Linkies in our site come Fun Monday!


Mariposa said...

This is an amateur attempt to do a computer help blog...I hope I did not confuse the you more. ;)

If you have more questions, feel free to post here. Suggestions are so welcome! That may answer other people's concern that hopefully by Monday everything are smooth and most of us have that Linky in our page!

Anonymous said...

It's been a long time since I've used Mr. Linky, but your tut sounds right on. For Classic Blogger it's virtually the same -- when we go to edit our template, we don't even have the page elements page, it just goes straight to the full HTML/CSS.

Unknown said...

Looks like a great tutorial! I have wondered how to go about it and now when I'm ready I can just refer back to you. :)