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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Still Loving Me?!

This is not flaterring anymore...

It's 5:18 AM and I got another song for me...

This time...I know from whom.

Then, my phone rings...

Me:'s a nice song. I always like that band.

SJI: I's for you.

Me: LOL Can you still sing it like you used to?

SJI: I can sing it for you...I'm always singing it for you.

Me: Because you know I like it...

SJI: Because I mean it.

Me: You sing it...because that's what's friends are for!

SJI: Yeah...LOL Are you blushing?

Me: No...I'm singing.

Though it always feels good to know that after all, we are still good friends...there are just moments that you turn me nuts!


Anonymous said...

That's not my dad bothering you again is it?

Jen said...

Now why is it not flattering anymore?

Wholly Burble said...

I'm taking it this is an old boyfriend perhaps, and you're not as thrilled with the attention?

Hum, well, hope it works out OK.

Mariposa said...'s an old bf...I'm not comfortable with it bec it was supposed to over years ago...and we're just friends now...and I don't want the past to get in the way!

But then, maybe he was just teasing me...I hope!

Jan said...

Sounds like he still cares to me. Does he do this often? (((HUGS)))

Pud said...

I haven't heard that song in forever.

Happy HNT!

Sid said...

I was going to say that its nice that someone still thinks of you fondly BUT I can see why this would be uncomfortable.

Grey said...

One of my fav song next to when the smoke is going down ! Awesome classics .

I Didn't get the Convo !:D

LittlePea said...

Hey I know that song... :O)

(I know I haven't been by in a while but I just got caught up. I wanted to tell you that my brother was born in Cebu, unfortunately I've never been but maybe someday. I've heard about that festival so I loved looking at all those pictures.)