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Friday, January 04, 2008

Pursuing Excellence

...starts with the desire to be better.

Instituting a standard should become a total business philosophy and process to allow organizations to establish a sophisticated, results-oriented culture where expectations and accountability are clearly defined for all members everyday. Adopting a standard is not about becoming certified. It's about becoming better.

That is in response to some morons in the workplace who keeps asking what my job is all about...and what COPC will do to us...if we are ready for it...and what benefit we will get should we get certified.

Yes, I'm talking about work...on a Friday! After all, I'm engaged with my work 24x7, at least mentally!


Jason said...

sounds like business speak, but well written. you're in friday already? you must be REALLY ahead.. :S

maybe i am missing something

Sai Hijara - Ferraris said...

Jason...I'm from the Philippines... ;)

thailandchani said...

All of that sounds a bit scary and weird to me.. but I know it is how companies try to convince people they are not good enough already.


I'd love to know more about attitudes towards these things in the Philippines though. :)

Anonymous said...

A lot of people absolutely do not like change.

Jen said...

I'd love to know more about business attitudes in the Philippines, too!

Jenn in Holland said...

and me too, I would like to know more!

I have a small something for you at my place today. Come on over and see!